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The first step to defending freedom is to understand freedom.

We stand at the beginning of a great awakening. More and more Americans are discovering what they don’t know about their own history and their nation’s founding principles. And they want to learn. We the People is a three-volume, twelve-part program that will provide what these citizens need: a framework for understanding where we came from and where we need to go. The objective is not simply reverence of America’s founding principles, but to bring those living principles to the center of American politics today.

Volume I explores our founding principles of freedom. It begins by looking through the lens of the early patriots of Lexington and understanding why they fought. The articles delve into our founding documents and unwrap the essential components of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. However, there is more to the story. Episode 3 uncovers the attack on these principles for more than one hundred years.

Without a set of laws that limit the influence of government, the rules and institutions that we live by are left to the whims of the powerful or influential. The founders understood this and integrated institutions such as the separation of powers, federalism, and the Bill of Rights into our framework.

The Constitution is the protector of the rule of law, but it has come under attack many times in the last century. To protect the Constitution, we must first understand the Constitution.

Economics is not just a dry subject for academics and financial gurus. When we understand the implications of economics, we understand that it holds the potential to lift people out of poverty, unlock innovation, and spur growth.