Five Ways to Get Your Letter to the Editor Published

Trent England, Director of Constitutional Studies at the Freedom Foundation, shares five ways to get your letter to the editor published.

Telling Your Story: Become a Great Communicator

For too long, freedom fighters have simply appealed to the head with statistics. The time has come for conservatives to appeal to the heart and the head, make an emotional connection with people, and motivate them to act. By telling your story, you can change hearts and minds and bring about change, not just in your community, but the nation as well.

Click here to see the presentation from American Majority.

Become a Citizen Watchdog

An engaged, citizen-driven media was one of the driving forces behind the birth of American democracy. The preservation of our republic is incumbent upon the continued participation of our public in observing, reporting, and holding our government accountable at all levels.Today, we face an abundance of challenges and opportunities. Challenges because the decline of the establishment media has been occurring at an alarming rate, with tens of thousands of journalists losing their jobs over the last few years. Opportunities because the public now has access to more tools that allow them to actively participate in government, and to make their voice heard to the public at large, than at any time before in our history.

The greatest threats to our freedom and prosperity occur when citizens lack information and government officials escape without accountability. It’s at the school board and city council meetings where no reporters are present to cover their activities, and no members of the public present to observe their conduct.

To join a training session to become a citizen watchdog in your community, please visit the Franklin Center’s website.

Twittivism: Making Sense of Twitter

Does Twitter terminology have you confused? American Majority has you covered:

Writing a Press Release

Do you have an event or news to break to your local paper? Check out this simple template for a press release from American Majority.

Wiki 101: Bringing State and Local Government to Light

Organize a Local Event

Download the guide from Generation Opportunity. Local gatherings are a critical component of the American ethos and can have a significant impact on the democratic process. Together, we can foster a national dialogue by hosting local events around the country on issues that matter to Americans. By organizing a local event, you can educate your peers, organize fellow activists, and get your community involved. As you plan your event, keep in mind that the size of your event will not limit its impact! Many great American movements were sparked by a discussion around a kitchen table. It is our hope that this training guide will catapult your passion into action and aid you in your event planning and execution.

Or check out the guide from National School Choice week:
National School Choice Week 2012 Event Handbook

Writing a Letter to the Editor

Writing a letter to the editor is an effective way to express your opinion about an issue that is important to you while also trying to persuade others who will read your letter. A letter to the editor can also be used as a way to propose a course of action to your fellow citizens or invite them to an event. Letters in response to some article that has appeared in the publication are sometimes given preference. If you see an article that you feel is particularly pertinent to you, write to let the publisher know about how the article affected you. Check out this pdf for steps to write a letter to the editor from Generation Opportunity.

Be a Resource for Elective Officials

How you can create change in your community by being a resource for your elected officials.

Make Friends with the Media

Be Effective at a Town Hall Meeting

The opportunity to participate in a public town hall meeting sponsored by the media or by a local, state or national elected or appointed official is a great reminder of the special privileges we have as citizens in a democracy. These venues allow you to listen and pose questions on issues that impact you to officials who represent you. This is true whether the officials are elected or appointed. As Americans, we know that officials exercise the authority we grant them and they are there to serve us. Responsible officials want and need to hear back from you on your concerns and your perceptions of their performance on your behalf. The meetings also provide you with the chance to hear from other like-minded citizens in your area and to network or respectfully listen to the opposing points of view. Either way, these events are a great way to hear more about the issues that impact you. Generation Opportunity presents this pdf for effectiveness at a Town Hall Meeting.

Be an Effective Radio Call-in Guest

The life-blood of talk radio is the listener base that calls into the show. The host and in-studio guests direct the conversation, but without listener feedback there’s no proof as to which issues really matter to people. When you pick up the phone to join the conversation, you instantly become a focus group of one—a singular voice that represents the feelings and concerns of thousands. It’s not a secret that when it’s your turn to speak, you have a real opportunity to have an impact and persuade others. But when you join a talk show by phone, you’ll find out right away that time is very short. Making the most of the talk radio forum and the opportunity it represents is easy when you follow the advice below.  This pdf from Generation Opportunity tells you how to be an effective radio call-in guest.

Be an Effective In-Studio Radio Guest

Talk radio is a great medium for discussion about issues that matter. From locally produced shows to nationally syndicated programs to satellite and Internet broadcasting, talk radio involves audiences and reaches communities across America. Bringing your voice to the conversation as an in-studio guest makes a big impact. When you have the microphone, you have a real opportunity to engage and persuade others. Once prepared, you’ll be an effective spokesperson capable of answering tough questions and persuading others. In the world of talk radio, it’s important to remember that respect breeds respect. Civil dialogue is the name of the game. Facts, figures, and targeted messages are worthless if the audience is offended and tuned out. Being an effective in-studio radio guest requires preparation, superior listening skills, and eloquence. Generation Opportunity presents this pdf to help you be an effective in-studio radio guest.