Antony Davies

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Dr.  Davies is an associate professor of economics at Duquesne University and research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. His primary research interests include forecasting and rational expectations, consumer behavior, international economics, and mathematical economics. His research has appeared in the Journal of Econometrics, the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the Journal of Economic Psychology, and the International Journal of Forecasting, among others. Davies was an equities analyst for The Burney Company, Chief Analytics Officer and acting Chief Financial Officer for Parabon Computation, and President and founder of Paragon Software (now Take-Two Interactive, NASDAQ: TTWO).

Troy Kickler


Dr. Troy Kickler is the director of the North Carolina History Project, a project of the John Locke Foundation of North Carolina. His specialty areas are nineteenth-century U.S., Civil War and Reconstruction, African American, and religious history. Kickler has taught at the secondary and post-secondary levels, including formerly at the University of Tennessee and Central Carolina Community College and currently at North Carolina State University. He is a co-host and teacher for the John Locke Foundation’s Citizens’ Constitutional Workshop.

Don Boudreaux


Dr. Donald Boudreaux is a professor of economics at George Mason University and served as the chairman of the department from August 2001 to August 2009. His primary research interest is international trade. He is also committed to making economic insights more accessible to wider audiences. He is the author of Globalization and co-author of the popular economics blog, Café Hayek.

Matthew Mitchell


Matthew Mitchell is a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. His primary research interests include economic freedom and economic growth, government spending, state and local fiscal policy, public choice, and institutional economics.

Mitchell currently serves on the Joint Advisory Board of Economists for the Commonwealth of Virginia where his input helps the state formulate its revenue expectations.

Randall Holcombe


Dr. Randall G. Holcombe is a DeVoe Moore Professor of Economics at Florida State University. Holcombe is also a senior fellow at the James Madison Institute of Florida.  He served on Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s Council of Economic Advisors from 2000 to 2006. Dr. Holcombe is the author of twelve books and more than 100 articles published in academic and professional journals.

Rob Natelson


Rob Natelson is senior fellow in constitutional jurisprudence at Colorado’s Independence Institute and the Montana Policy Institute, and a senior fellow at Arizona’s Goldwater Institute. He formerly served as a Professor of Law at the University of Montana for 23 years, where he taught C]constitutional law and became a recognized national expert on the framing and adoption of the United States Constitution. Natelson has written for some of the most prestigious academic publishers, including Cambridge University Press, the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, and Texas Law Review.

Michael Sanera


Dr. Michael Sanera is the director of research and local government studies at the John Locke Foundation of North Carolina. At the Foundation he is one of the co-host for the Citizens’ Constitutional Workshop.  He served as a policy analyst for The Heritage Foundation, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and the California-based Claremont Institute. Sanera gained national recognition as a leading critic of biased environmental education at the K-12 grade levels. His research resulted in the book Facts, Not Fear: Teaching Children about the Environment (with Jane Shaw).

Ilya Shapiro


Ilya Shapiro is a senior fellow in constitutional studies at the Cato Institute and editor-in-chief of the Cato Supreme Court Review. Before joining Cato, he was a special assistant/advisor to the Multi-National Force in Iraq on rule of law issues and practiced international, political, commercial, and antitrust litigation at Patton Boggs and Cleary Gottlieb. Shapiro has contributed to a variety of academic, popular, and professional publications, including the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, L.A. Times, USA Today, Washington Times, Legal Times, Weekly Standard, and National Review Online.

Trent England


Trent England is the Vice President of Policy at the Freedom Foundation, where he also directs the Save Our States project and teaches Founding Principles programs. He previously directed the Foundation’s constitutional studies programs, the Citizenship & Governance Center and Citizen Action Network.

Dr. Matthew Spalding


Dr. Matthew Spalding connects the principles of the nation’s founding with today’s thorniest issues as Vice President for American Studies at The Heritage Foundation. A constitutional scholar, historian and best-selling author, Spaulding also oversees Heritage’s B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics and serves as project leader for the First Principles initiative. He is the author of We Still Hold These Truths.