We the People is the citizen’s guide to understanding freedom. It is a project of the State Policy Network that aims to arm citizens with a deeper understanding of the roots of their liberty. We the People is series of educational stories about American founding principles, the Constitution, and economic freedom in the form of curriculum, videos, podcasts, study guides, and blog posts.

What is in the online We the People toolkit?

  • Courses: Stories and essays that bring to life America’s founding principles, the Constitution, and ideas of economic freedom. Find printable PDFs of Volumes 1-3 here, as well as additional supporting resources. Each Volume is made up of four essays written by prominent scholars.
  • Videos: Short, shareable YouTube videos that tell tales of freedom fought for and endangered. The films leave you wanting to learn more about our revolutionary history and principles.
  • Study Guides: Reading guides and study questions that can be utilized in educational settings or in a small group discussion.
  • Action Center: Want to move your principles into action? Use these tools to hone your op-ed writing skills, hold a rally, testify before your legislature, or leverage your social media microphone.

About State Policy Network

State Policy Network is made up of free market think tanks – at least one in every state – fighting to limit government and advance market-friendly public policy at the state and local levels. SPN and our members make the Founders’ vision for the American Republic a reality as the nation’s only 50-state distribution network for market-oriented public policy ideas. Our programs advance and defend American liberty and free enterprise by assisting new start-up organizations, growing existing state think tanks, recruiting talent to the think tank industry, developing strategic partnerships, and promoting the free-market state movement.