Miss Utah & the Case for Education Reform

Could a better education have prevented Miss Utah from this embarrassing moment that went viral on Twitter and YouTube? We can’t be certain, but we do know there are problems with the education system in this country.

Somewhere in her “umm…” filled answer, Miss Utah was trying to connect the problem back to what she believed was the root of it all: education.

Currently, some education reformers and the federal government are pushing Common Core national education standards. In fact, the federal government is coercing states to adopt the standards by tying federal dollars to implementation. Unfortunately, Common Core standards make about as much sense for states as Miss Utah’s answer in the Miss USA pageant last night.

Common Core takes away local and state control in favor of one-size-fits-all standards for students. Rather than a local, student-focused reform approach, Common Core is centered around rigid federally controlled government standards that many believe won’t actually improve student performance.

Just ask states like Kentucky and New York that are struggling to implement the standards. Implementation problems for both states are detailed by The Heritage Foundation here. As we start to see Common Core implemented in some states, we will likely see teachers, parents and students who are just as lost as the Miss USA audience was last night.