Montana Ranches in Jeopardy

MONTANA-webTom DePuydt is the third generation to be a part of the land. His grandfather homesteaded in Montana 100 years ago.

Like Tom, Rose Stoneberg’s great-grandmother had a homestead in Montana. Stewardship of the wildlife and the land is a part of her family history.

If we take care of the land it takes care of us. Tom DePuydt

Montana ranchers like Tom and Rose are fighting to save the “Treasure State” legacy—a legacy that is under siege. Natural resources have always provided from Montanans, and Montanans have always stewarded the land. However, the federal government and outside resources are separating the ranchers from the land and its resources.

Montana is land rich and cash poor because they are not allowed to responsibly use their lands and resources for their benefit.

Even as they sit on unimaginable wealth above and below the beautiful landscapes, they have the second lowest wages per job on the nation. They have been cut off from our wealth by people who either don’t understand or don’t care about the human toll of pressing their values on Montana families.

To learn more about the problem and get involved, visit Montana Policy Institute.