Make the Case for Free Enterprise

Why did your ancestors come to this country? Was it for the promise of material equality provided by income redistribution? Or was it the hope for a life of opportunity, where one could make something of one’s self?

Free enterprise is the only system that lets us pursue our happiness by earning our success. Arthur Brooks, of the American Enterprise Institute, makes the case that in order to protect the American spirit and the best system our world has ever seen, we must learn to make the moral case for free enterprise. It is this system that allows you to create value in your life and in the lives of others, and it let’s you define value in your own way.

So, what is the moral case for free enterprise?

  1. Free enterprise safeguards lasting happiness
  2. Free enterprise promotes real fairness
  3. Free enterprise does the most good for the most vulnerable

Watch this new video by Arthur Brooks for more information: